Save our community By Shopping Local

The Broad River District is unique in that it has businesses that provide a culturally diverse and interesting experience for residents and visitors alike. We have amazing restaurants that feature world cuisine, small businesses and retail shops that include high quality products and services that are sure to meet your needs. Our natural landscape and river front are stellar with access from the beautiful Broad River Road bridge everyone can enjoy the amazing Three Rivers Greenway. With easy access to Downtown Columbia and surrounding areas our district is conveniently located to have everything at your fingertips. Remember whatever you need "It's On The River."

Small Businesses are the backbone of our economy

Did you know that our local small businesses make up 90 percent of all jobs available in our community? When we shop locally not only are we helping a small business owner provide for their own families, we also help to sustain and create jobs, and our community benefits from the taxes that are collected from those businesses;- including schools and local programs. By shopping locally you also get a better shopping experiencing, which also means locally sourced and better quality products. 

Why you should shop local and support small businesses? 

Enterprise League November 3rd, 2021

Look what happened during the lockdown. Small businesses were forced to close their doors, while large corporations like Amazon doubled their income compared to last year.

It is because small businesses are responsible for such a large portion of jobs creation all across America that we must stop feeding the big sharks. Hence, find out why you should shop local because only this way small businesses can be removed from life support and get a fair chance for survival. Moreover, when shopping locally, it’s not only you doing a favor to small business owners to survive, but it’s also doing yourself a favor and receiving some benefits a large store could never give.


It’s well known that small businesses are mostly customer-oriented and understand the needs of their community, therefore, they can adapt to changing economic climates more quickly than large corporations. (view Full article here) 


It's On The River

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