The Broad River Business Alliance is a one of kind hybrid business association and community-based non-profit agency devoted to developing, expanding, and supporting small businesses, owners, employees, entrepreneurs, and prospective job candidates in the Broad River Community. We assist clients and the community in a variety of ways that are central to the development of new businesses including commercial development, public works projects, and volunteerism.  We provide a host of tools and resources that allow local businesses to access much-needed capital, including grants, investor-backed micro-loans;- and other small business funds offered through local, state, and federal programs. We are a one-stop location for the local business owner to access critical information such as business and consumer trend data, industry-related content, supply and demand, industry forecasting, and research pertinent to their field.


We serve the community through our job preparation and training initiatives including GED preparation and remote testing, job readiness, and service-based training on demand. Working with cutting-edge content developers including those at LinkedIn we have formatted personal development content, workshops, conferences, and personalized virtual learning for our members, employees, and program participants. We have solidified our efforts to expand literacy and learning by partnering with teachers, tutors, educational and religious institutions to help fund the BRBA technology center and reading room scheduled to open in the fall of 2022.

Javar Juarez- Founder





"I urge all businesses and residents of Broad River Road and adjacent communities to join the BRBA. The work that we do is serious and facilitates an immediate need that directly impacts the growth of our community. We are ramping up our efforts in 2021 to see small businesses grow along the BRD;- and offer South Carolina Residents and visitors a safe, fun, unique experience filled with rich history and beautiful river front. We have a lot to offer and it's our time to shine!" 

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