The BRBA At the Youth Job Fair & Career Expo 

August 13th, 2022

The BRBA was present on Saturday, August 13th, 2022 at the A.C. Jackson Wellness Center to offer information and resources to young people seeking vocational training, career certification, and entrepreneurship opportunities. We are preparing our youth and young adults for real life by teaching them how to work hard and earn an honest living. We are exposing them to the tools that are necessary to break generational poverty, and outpace traditional college graduates with specialized vocation, and trade certification. Our young people are excited about their own futures. We must support them in any way we can. Show your support with your time and dollars to help us keep crime out of neighborhoods and more young people engaged. 

Moving the Broad River District Forward
The Broad River Business Alliance is a 501c3 exempt non-profit Community Development Corporation and is recognized by the South Carolina Secretary of State as a Public Charity. 


The Broad River Business Alliance is the foremost community-based agency working as a task force to address the disparities that exist along the Broad River Road Corridor and adjacent communities. Our council of business owners, notaries, teachers, community members, and volunteers work as a cohesive unit with agencies across municipalities and governments to ensure the best outcomes for business owners, citizens, and the successful revitalization of the area. We have a step-by-step approach and continually advocate for programs at the local and federal level that provide relief for struggling businesses and those hit hardest by Covid-19. The Broad River Business Alliance is the most comprehensive community-led organization that is solely dedicated to the needs of the Broad River District, our businesses, residents, and visitors. it is our pleasure to serve you! 

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